Tạp chí Khoa học, T. 16, S. 3 (2019)

Cỡ chữ:  Nhỏ  Vừa  Lớn

Application of the Kantbp 4m program for analysis of models of the low-dimensional quantum systems

Luong Le Hai, Tran Thi Lua, Gusev Alexander Alexandrovich, Vinitsky Sergey Ilich, Chuluunbaatar Ochbadrakh

Tóm tắt

In the paper, a calculating program named KANTBP 4M – A program for solving boundary problems of the self-adjoint system of ordinary second order differential equations” is presented. The KANTBP 4M program studied different mathematical models reduced from complex physical ones and gave the numerical results and the accuracy of these results in comparison with the analytical ones.

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Tạp chí của Trường Đại học Sư phạm Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh ; ISSN: 1859 -3100